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September 21, 2019

The Checkered Flag Challenge is back and ready for another great year! It's your chance to win some big prizes throughout the entire Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Season. We've got great weekly prizes, plus a shot at two unbelieveable Grand Prizes.

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If you played the Checkered Flag Challenge last year, you will still need to create a new account. Accounts do not carry over year-to-year.

The first half of the Checkered Flag Challenge is over. Congratulations to our first half winner, Eric Howlett of Magnolia. Eric wins our first half grand prize.

Now, we begin the second half of the contest. All the scores have been reset to zero, giving you a clean start and a great opportunity to try to win our second-half grand prize!

First-Half Final Standings

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To play, just pick any 5 drivers you like from the entire Monster Energy NASCAR Cup field. You'll want to pick 5 drivers who you think will do particularly well in this weekend's race. But pick your drivers carefully - the drivers you pick this week can't be picked again next week!

Every Monday after a race, we'll give you points based on how your drivers finished and tally the points. The top scoring player each week* will receive the Weekly Prize!

But don't stop at the weekly prizes; we'll keep tallying your scores after that. The person with the most points at the end of the first half of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup season** will receive the Grand Prize: two tickets to the Ganders Outdoors 400 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup race at Pocono Raceway on July 28, 2019!

Then we'll reset everyone's scores and give you another chance to win into the fall with our Second Half Grand Prize: two tickets to the Spring 2020 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup race at Dover International Speedway!

And the best part about the grand prize totals? We'll only count your top 15 weekly scores! So if you miss an entry or have a bad week or two, you'll still have a chance to win.

* - Checkered Flag Challenge players are only allowed to win ONE (1) Weekly Prize for each half of the contest. If the top scoring player has already won a Weekly Prize, the prize will move down to the next highest scoring person who has NOT won a Prize Pack.
** - The first half of the season concludes with Race #18, the Coke Zero 400 on July 6.
For more information on the contest schedule,
Click here for Official Contest Rules.

How To Play
When you view each week's Checkered Flag Challenge entry form, you'll see five entry fields. All 5 fields contain an alphabetical listing of every driver currently listed on the official Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Drivers List and/or Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Standings list. Just pick the 5 drivers you think will finish highest in this week's race.

That said, there will be 5 drivers missing from the lists - the 5 drivers you picked in the previous race. That's right, you can't pick the same drivers for two consecutive races. If this is your first time playing, or if you forgot to play last week, you'll have access to the full drivers list. But if you played last week, expect to notice some missing drivers this week. Last week's drivers will be available to you again next week... but then the drivers you pick this week won't be!

Your points are determined by where the drivers you pick finish in that week's race. We will score the drivers who participate in that week's Monster Energy NASCAR Cup race starting with 43 points for finishing first, subtracting 1 point for each successive position, down to 1 point for finishing last. If the driver you pick is in the race, (s)he will get anywhere from 43 points to 1 point. If (s)he does not make the race, (s)he gets zero points. (Note: This scoring is regardless of whether the driver is competing for a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup championship. If (s)he races in a Cup race, you can earn points for picking him/her.)

As an example, let's say one of the drivers you picked this week was Kyle Busch. If Kyle wins this week's race, you'll earn 43 points, plus points based on how the other drivers you picked finished! That's a whole lot of points available each and every week!

Several important notes about scoring:

  • Scoring is based on the drivers you pick, not on team or car number. You will only receive points based on how the drivers you pick fare. If there is a substitute driver on a team for any given week, that substitute driver is credited with the points (s)he wins, NOT the driver who usually drives that car.
  • Our scoring method does not factor in whether a driver is competing for a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup championship. If a driver races in a Cup race, you can earn points for picking him/her.

Scoring is cumulative, so come back every week to play. But if you do miss a week or have a bad one, don't give up! Each half of the Checkered Flag Challenge includes 18 races, but we'll only count your 15 best scores. Now a bad or missed week doesn't mean the end of your chances! Whoever has earned the most points at the end of each half of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup season receives the grand prize!

For more details about the contest, click here for the Official Rules.

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